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Thermally Modified Hardwood products by Holbrook Lumber Company

Grown, harvested and milled in Pennsylvania – From Forest to Finish

Thermally Modified Decking

Americana Thermally Modified Decking is White Ash, grown, harvested, milled and produced in Pennsylvania!


Holbrook Lumber Decking by Americana with Penofin UV ProtectantThe Thermal Modification process uses heat and steam to transform and stabilize the molecules in the wood so that they won’t absorb moisture rendering the finished product to be insect, rot and decay resistant!

The Thermal modification process creates a decking that has an exotic appearance, contains no chemicals, has an extremely low carbon footprint and is sustainable from Forest to Finish!


    • Thermally Modified Ash
    • 1 x 6
    • 1 x 5
    • 1 x 4
    • 5/4 x 6
    • 5/4 x 5
    • 5/4 x 4

Design Features

    • It's real wood.
    • Eased 4 Edge or Groove and Groove profiles. Can be manufactured with anti-skid ribs per request.
    • Symmetrical profile allows the installer to choose the visible face.
    • Symmetrical, structural end joint can float between joists.

Recommended Clips

    • For 1" thick decking: Mantis 320
    • For 5/4" thick decking: Mantis 396

Our designs are easy to work with...standard symmetrical profiles use off-the-shelf hidden fasteners. You choose which side of the board you see. With our structural end joint, the deck can be laid like flooring, with joints floating anywhere between joists. Less waste, less time. 

Additional product information

» Visit the Visit the Americana Decking website for more information
» Download the Product Brochure, Tech Specs and Product Guide Holbrook Lumber adobe acrobat pdf file for informational download
» Americana Thermally Modified Hardwood Installation Guide Holbrook Lumber adobe acrobat pdf file for informational download



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