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Tantimber products by Holbrook Lumber Company

Tantimber Wood. Refined. Redefined.

Tantimber ThermoWood

Tantimber Wood. Refined. Redefined.

Tantimber® ThermoWood® produces a variety of Decking and Siding products and is manufactured using the most modern and innovative Thermowood Technology. The ThermoWood Thermal Modification process involves no chemicals and is completely natural using only heat and steam to create thermally modified wood products that exceed the service life of most traditional wood species.

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Featured Product: Tantimber ThermoWood® Ash Decking

Holbrook Lumber Tantimber Thermowood Decking Featured ProductHarvested from sustainable North American timberland, Tantimber®'s ThermoWood® Ash Decking is an exceptional alternative to wood species from tropical forests. Tantimber Ash is a long-lasting, non-toxic, dimensionally stable and functional building solution addressing different architectural aesthetics.

Tantimber ThermoWood® Ash Decking products don't warp, expand (swell), contract (shrink), twist, buckle or become a food source for insects due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity because of their low moisture content. This also makes them virtually impervious to fungi and bacteria that can cause decay.

Tantimber ThermoWood® Ash Decking products are FSC Certified and have a Class- 1 durability classification, providing a minimum biological durability of 25 years. They have a beautiful brown tone, which naturally weathers over time to a beautiful silver-gray patina, if the wood is left untreated. Tantimber ThermoWood Ash is chemical-free thus non-toxic and Eco-Friendly.

Tantimber ThermoWood Ash Decking is available in 5/4x6 and 1x6 with end matching and grooved for hidden fastener installation or in square edge S4S.

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