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Siberian Larch Decking by Holbrook Lumber Company - Leading Decking company For Over 100 Years!

Decay resistant, dense, durable and beautiful!

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is highly regarded timber throughout the entire European continent. In Russia it is known as eternal wood.

Holbrook Lumber Siberian Larch Decking materialsIn Siberia extremely cold winters and regular temperatures of -40°F are the reason for slow growth trees with tight annual rings and large heartwood content causing more hardness and density. Siberian larch contains natural tannins and other antiseptics which are the reason for the great durability of this species.

  • Beautiful timber
  • High Natural Resistance
  • Great durability – long lasting
  • High density
  • Very hard

Siberian Larch Decking products are Kiln Dried Appearance grade with sound tight knots. The decking is available in smooth or a brushed finish which is a proprietary process that removes all of the summer wood from the surface allowing for a more distinct natural look. The process of removing the softer fiber also adds to the hardness of the surface and brings out the grains character when finished.



We stock Siberian Larch decking and accessories in the following profiles: Holbrook Lumber Siberian Larch 1x3 Rhombus Profile Decking materials

  • 5/4x6 S4S – 12’ & 16’
  • 5/4x6 Brushed 2 sides – 16’
  • 2x4x16’
  • 2x6x16’
  • 2x2x48”
  • 4x4x54”
  • 1x3 Rhombus s4s
  • 5/4x4 Rhombus TG

Along with an array of railing components we have added 2 Rhombus profiles which are perfect for privacy walls/fences and curved benches amongst other uses.

Additional product information

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» Download the Siberian Larch Product Brochure Holbrook Lumber adobe acrobat pdf file for informational download



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