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Holztec Siberian Larch products by Holbrook Lumber Company

We have a wide range of products including Wood Windows and Patio Doors, Alu-Wood Windows, Outdoor Doors and Wall Claddings.


Active in the wood industry since the 1920’s, this family owned business specializes in Siberian Larch. With the third generation at the helm, benefitting from synergistic long term relationships with small to medium sized mills, Holztec has a reliable stream of high quality Siberian Larch.

Siberian Larch is a slow growing species with tight annual growth rings and large heartwood content due to the extreme growing climate of Siberia. This makes for a very dense, durable wood species that is also naturally resistant to mold and fungi and thus performs especially well in the Northeast climate and is truly beautiful as well.

While a good amount of the product they produce supplies much of the European market, they have committed to a steady supply for the increasing demand in the U.S Market. Holbrook Lumber and Holztec have partnered to bring Siberian Larch decking, siding and accessories to the U.S Market . Realizing the demands of the U.S. market Holztec runs standardized lengths for our decking needs of 12 & 16’ with siding profiles all being 16’ stock.

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