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Mantis products by Holbrook Lumber Company

Mantis® clips have been extensively tested and offer superior lateral movement strength and uplift.

Mantis Deck Clip System

Mantis® Clips are the newest generation of hidden deck fasteners that provide superior holding power, are the easiest hidden deck fastener to install in grooved decking and carry an unmatched 30 year warranty against loose deck boards.

The key ingredients to Mantis® success are:

  • The best performing clips on the market - Mantis® clips have been extensively tested and offer superior lateral movement strength and uplift when compared to other grooved decking hidden fasteners on the market. When comparing Mantis® to the Tiger Claw™ and Conceal‐Loc™ in independent laboratory testing, the Mantis® tested at 391 foot pounds to the first movement versus the competitor’s fastener that averaged 274 foot pounds. These tests prove that Mantis® can deliver 42.7% greater lateral movement resistance. In regions with wide daily temperature swings this extra holding power keeps decks from “walking” and loosening. This keeps the connection of the fastener to the deck board stronger and longer lasting.
  • Ease of installation – Our revolutionary Eliminator RCS™ pneumatic installation tool can help you install the fasteners up to 80% quicker than conventional methods while providing the same holding power as our standard hand drive screws. The EZ‐Slide attachment makes it quick and easy to install Mantis® clips in just about any environment. Simply drop the Mantis®clip into the slide attachment, push forward to engage the Mantis® tab into the groove and pull the trigger.

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"... I purchased this product because it had the most realistic look and the ease of installation. The panels are light weight and can be easily cut to size. I've installed cultured stone many times and GenStone is by far is much easier to use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to install cultured stone."
~ Walter – Reading, MA

“Choosing MoistureShield® was the best decision ever. Walking onto our porch we had a area that always stayed slippery. No matter how many times we bleached and cleaned it nothing worked until we used MoistureShield®. It's now safe to walk on when it's wet.”
~ Ada Miller

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